Canopy Garden Beds

Fresh veggies handpicked, year round.

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Weather proof gardening

Pest Protection

Easy opening canopy

Built-in Irrigation

Homegrown veggies no matter the weather.

Apt’s garden beds are meticulously designed for homegrown
veggies at your fingertips all year long.

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Fuss-Free Watering

Built-in irrigation means your plants get the perfect
watering and are protected from torrential rain and gusty southerlies. Drip-fed plants are happy plants.

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Pest Control

Our garden beds are raised and covered for a pest-free (and pet free) zone.

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Fantastic service, Excellent communication, Well built, Value for money........ We love our Apt Garden, but more importantly we appreciate the commitment & passion that Joel demonstrates. The make & assembly has been fine tuned into a High Quality product that exceeds anything comparable in the marketplace.

Mike Rusbatch

A great way to start growing your own vegetables at home, the kids love watching plants grow. An easy and straight forward product to put together and use! We love our Apt garden creations raise garden bed! Highly recommend!

James Daniels

Wrapped with our gardens. Designed and built exceptionally well. Love the built in sprinkler system. Excellent customer service. Thank you Joel so much for installing them for us. very happy customers.

Tania Dement

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Apt Raised Garden Beds are Made Different.

Apt Raised Garden Beds are Made Different.

Joel has always been a tinkerer and as the weeks went by during the 2020 Covid lockdown, instead of sourdough and intricate cocktails, Joel found himself doodling designs for a garden box like no o...