Features & Benefits

Why Choose Apt?

An Apt garden bed will deliver homegrown veggies, year roundlike nothing else on the market.

These gardens are all hand made by us here in Christchurch, New Zealand. These are not made in a factory – instead, with some good old fashioned hard work and kiwi ingenuity, we’ve been able to provide these wonderful products to New Zealand.

All gardens are made to order, they have been extensively thought out, and are made with absolute precision using (untreated) Macrocarpa for the base and Larch, NZ Oregon or Macrocarpa for the canopy structure; which is fitted with polycarbonate roofing.

All gardens come with an internal irrigation system ready for the hose to be plugged directly into them.

NZ Made, uncompromising quality.


  • Made from NZ grown, all natural untreated timber
  • High quality stainless steel fittings
  • Polycarbonate roofing
  • Individually handcrafted by good kiwi blokes and blokettes
  • High quality galvanised fittings when required
  • Stained in Rustic Oak (additional option)
  • Gas struts fitted to main doors (additional option)Stainless Steel side door latches
  • Internal irrigation system sprays from the top down
  • Traditional hose connection or plumb in to your underground irrigation (additional fittings for underground irrigation not supplied)


  • Prevent wild or domestic animals eating your crop.
  • Have complete control over the environment of your garden with an internal irrigation system.
  • No need to fix to the ground, the weight of the soil inside the garden helps to keep it in place.
  • Continuous protection from adverse weather such as frosts or hail damage.
  • Grow your veggies in 100% NZ grown untreated timber.
  • All doors securely latched closed.
  • Grow all year round, these gardens are great in winter.


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