Glass house, tunnel house or APT Raised Garden Beds?

Glass house, tunnel house or APT Raised Garden Beds?

One of the first steps to your gardening journey is creating a plan to maximise space and growth for an abundant harvest. We want to make sure you have all the information when it comes to weighing up options for your new or expanding vegetable garden. Creating a garden and making the most out of your planting is an investment, and we’ve intentionally considered every aspect when designing our Apt raised garden beds.

Here we chat about the differences between our Apt garden bed and a classic glasshouse or tunnel house. We’ll cover the good bits of your typical glass house or tunnel house and the things you might want to consider based on your individual circumstances, so you are prepared with the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your investment.


What is a tunnel house and glass house?

Tunnel houses are made from plastic film. A classic glass house is made from glass or polycarbonate sheets. A tunnel house is generally more affordable, while a classic glass house has undeniable aesthetic appeal. We’ll compare these options to our raised, canopy garden bed.


When might a glass or tunnel house be a better fit?

A classic glass house is beautiful and has a definite aesthetic appeal. A lot of our customers enjoy the large growing area of our raised garden beds in comparison to the size of the whole unit. In a tunnel house or glass house you have to sacrifice gardening space for a pathway, generally losing about a third of your growing space. But, if space isn't a problem, a glass house can look beautiful in the garden.


1. When you want to walk in and out.

If you want to walk around and have your garden at standing height, both glass houses and tunnel houses are a great option. Remember, as an additional option you will need to look at adding raised garden beds to your glass house and tunnel house.


2. When you need a lower cost option.

Tunnel houses are potentially more of a lower cost option but are less durable and prone to rips.


3. When you need a larger range of size options.

Tunnel houses have a large range of sizes, typically suited to larger spaces. Glass houses also come in a range of sizes but can come with a higher price tag due to the expense of the  materials used. The APT gardens suit most urban gardeners, but have also been used on a commercial scale and in schools.


Things to consider for a tunnel house and glass house.


1. Lightweight.

Both tunnel houses and glass houses often need a foundation or some form of anchoring and can be less stable when they come up against our harsh NZ weather. 


2. Harder to clean.

It is essential to keep any greenhouse clean for the best growing conditions to avoid moisture and mould build up. Cleaning a glass and tunnel house can take a bit more time due to the surface area to be cleaned. 


3. Ventilation issues.

Many greenhouses require extra efforts in ventilation to avoid mould and moisture build up. They may require extra gas struts or venting windows added.

Tunnel houses are an affordable option short term, and if you love the classic appeal of a glass house in your sprawling cottage garden, its timeless design could be right for you. We love our raised, canopied garden beds, as our range of sizes suit most NZ backyards, and we’ve optimised the growing space so whatever size you choose, you’ll be set for growing your veggies year round.


What is an Apt Raised Garden Bed?



1. Why we love it! 

We’ve spent many hours perfecting our design because we are passionate gardeners who wanted to create a sustainable, meticulously designed garden bed that protects our veggies!


2. It’s ergonomic.

Our raised design is easier on your back when planting and picking. It also keeps your garden off the ground and away from your pets and pests.


3. It’s weighty and robust.  

Once filled with soil, the weight of our garden bed means it stays put when challenged with tough, windy weather conditions, ensuring stability without the need for additional anchoring. It also means your seedlings and veggies are protected from heavy gusts, frost and downpours. 


4. Our garden beds are naturally ventilated.

We use corrugated polycarbonate for natural ventilation, minimising the need for additional ventilation systems, though additional measures may be necessary depending on where you live. Our polycarbonate is typically stronger than what you find in a tunnel house, avoiding the need for replacements and has small gaps by the doors for the bees to still get in to work their magic in our gardens.


5. Internal irrigation as standard.

All Apt garden beds come with built in internal irrigation, making watering your plants easy. Our irrigation system waters from the top down with just enough pressure for the perfect soak. You can also put the tap on a timer while you are away.


6. A size to suit you.

Available in three sizes, our garden beds cater to all kinds of sections, from urban sections to sprawling backyard gardens. Our gardens are also perfect for commercial gardening and rural areas. 


7. Detailed instructions for easy flat pack assembly.

When you buy an Apt garden bed we won’t leave you to wonder how the heck to put it all together. We’ve created detailed, step-by-step videos guiding you through the process. Our instructions and build process are logical and simple to follow and this is what our customers say about those instructions. 

“I recently purchased an Apt Garden Creation off Joel and it has exceeded my expectations! Finished incredibly well, when I saw one of these things in action I thought this is a ‘must have’ for anyone wanting to grow their own produce. Even the way Joel showed me how to put everything together through the videos he has on file just made the process very simple and easy for anyone. I will be recommending an Apt Garden to everyone.”

- Cheers Hayden


8. Looks good in your backyard.

Our design is free standing so can be placed anywhere on your property, made from quality materials and beautiful, natural timbers. Our sleek design looks gooood (if we do say so ourselves).



We’ve thought long and hard about our design, which means you don’t have to think about irrigation or ventilation, and your hard earned veggies will be protected from pests and the elements.


Check out our handy comparison table. 

Apt Raised
Garden Bed

Tunnel house &
Green house

Natural wood has a distinct, rustic appearance, this timeless charm adds value to your outdoor space and complements various garden styles, from traditional to modern. Glass houses have a classic and elegant aesthetic look, while tunnel houses may not create the same level of visual interest due to their material.
Ergonomic design comes in a range of sizes, with smaller size suited to urban backyards. Both tunnel houses and glass houses come in a range of sizes to suit any outdoor spaces.
Designed for optimal growing space allowing you to grow more plants in a smaller footprint. You can walk right in a tunnel or glass house. But it does mean, you need a bigger one to cater for the path inside the tunnel house or glass house.
NZ-made and sustainable. A larger investment than a tunnel house but built to last for NZ conditions. The Apt garden is heavyweight, designed to withstand the elements.

Tunnel houses are more affordable, but not as durable. The outer sheets are prone to rips. 

Glass houses with lower-quality glass or insufficient thickness may be more prone to breakage, so it is important to choose a glass house with high-quality tempered or safety glass for durability.

Irrigated and ventilated for perfect growing conditions.

Tunnel houses and glass houses are harder to clean and prone to moisture build up.


You can learn more in our shop, or we love talking to our customers. Call us on 027 254 3807.

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