Apt Raised Garden Beds are Made Different.

Apt Raised Garden Beds are Made Different.

Joel has always been a tinkerer and as the weeks went by during the 2020 Covid lockdown, instead of sourdough and intricate cocktails, Joel found himself doodling designs for a garden box like no other. 

Safe to say, as an avid gardener and passionate foodie, his wife Laura was stoked. Year round, fresh veggies at the doorstep without a snail nibble to be seen?! Every green thumb’s dream! 

And, as an added bonus, the raised garden bed’s fresh veggies are at the perfect picking height for the kids, helping them to develop an understanding and appreciation of how food grows, and nourishes our environment (as well as our bodies). 

Instead of twiddling his thumbs, Joel set to work detailing the perfect garden bed and Apt was born - a raised, canopied garden bed, meticulous in approach and like nothing else on the market. Every detail, every material and every angle is intentionally designed for a flourishing veggie garden all year round. 

Does it look simple and easy to use? Yes, absolutely! Because Joel has made it that way. 




What’s so good about the design anyway?


1. It’s made for optimal watering

The inbuilt irrigation perfectly waters your garden from the top down without overdoing it.  The irrigation system used is high quality so it won’t degrade and can survive our harsh UV for longer. 


2. The canopy is your secret weapon 

Not just any old plastic, the durable, corrugated polycarbonate cladding is built to last. The undular waves are intentionally chosen instead of a flat roof to create natural ventilation within the garden to ensure less moisture build up - which is better for your plants and for the longevity of wooden structure. 


3. Your knees and back will be safe with us. 

The garden bed is raised to save your knees and it’s the perfect height for the kids to pick their own veggies straight from the garden. There is nothing better than a dinner time sprint to pick fresh cherry tomatoes, herbs and greens for a meal and the simple delight it brings to all ages. 

High quality gas struts mean it’s super easy to open and close, no jammed fingers and your back will thank you. It’s also designed to be easy to reach in all corners and right to the back. The angles of the canopy are designed to get veggies into every skerrick of space. No part of the garden is wasted. 


4. It’s a no go zone for pets and pests. 

The canopy is very secure, saving your plants from your happy-go-lucky dog and reducing pests to only the tiniest (most persistent) bugs. 


5. It's neat and tidy

Isn't it just really, really good looking? Available in three sizes to sit neatly against the back fence. Our raised garden beds suit the landscape of any home from a sprawling farmhouse to sleek modern build.


It’s all in the Materials 

Our materials set us apart. Sustainable, New Zealand made and built to last. 

NZ Timber 

Our garden beds are all made with New Zealand grown, untreated timber. The garden bases are made of Macrocarpa and the canopies are made from Macrocarpa, Oregon and Larch. 


Made predominantly from stainless steel fittings (some galvanised where required) our garden beds are perfect for coastal areas where the sea breeze is epic but the rust sets in more easily. We only use polycarbonate roofing to ensure your garden bed stands up against the harsh UV rays and our windy climate. 

New Zealand Made

Every part of the Apt garden bed is made with local materials and made in New Zealand. Each raised garden bed is crafted by a down-to-earth team with a love of handmade, quality goods. Just like us. 

Why shouldn’t I just plant straight into the garden at home?

Veggie plants are an investment in time and money. A couple of thunderstorms later and that investment is reduced to a mess of soggy, overwatered tomatoes and tiny, sour capsicums. Our garden beds mean that your best efforts will result in bountiful harvests year-round, as we eliminate all of the risk factors - your watering is measured, pests and pets are kept out and your plants get the right amount of sun all while being protected from gusty southerlies, storms and droughts. 

An Apt garden bed means satisfying gardening and a fresh crop year-round. So why wouldn’t you! 

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