Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds – Take the Guesswork Out of Growing Your Own Veggies.

If you’ve been utterly shaken at the thought of a $6 supermarket broccoli or the exorbitant price of half a head of cauliflower, now’s the time to start your very own vegetable garden. But where to start? And why should you use a raised garden bed instead of digging up the kids’ neglected sandpit?

Here we talk about the benefits of a raised garden bed, why they are the perfect way to start your foray into gardening, and how they will give you the greatest chance of a bumper first crop.

Raised Garden Beds Provide Better Drainage and Allow You to Control Water Flow.

There is less to think about with a raised garden bed when it comes to water – in sandy soils, water drains too quickly, leaving your plants very thirsty and wilty, and in clay soil, water can stick around for too long, leaving your veggies with soggy feet. Raised garden beds give you more control over soil and composting, creating just the right amount of drainage.

APT New Zealand-made garden beds also protect your plants when it comes to waterflow. The purpose-built raised beds come with built-in irrigation which creates an even, light spray throughout your garden for more controlled plant watering. The system plugs into your hose or current irrigation for simple, user-friendly watering.

Raised Garden Beds Minimise Soil Compaction and Protect Soil Health.

Traipsing around the garden in your Red Bands can inadvertently compact soil down so much that plants have no room to move, stunting root growth and leaving you with poorly performing plants and zero chance of cherry tomatoes. Keeping your plants higher in a raised garden bed avoids accidental plant crushing and allows your plant’s rootstock to flourish.

Raised Garden Beds Keep Garden Weeds Out of Your Patch.

Being able to block off your garden gives you greater success over weeds creeping in from the grass (or grass clippings) to the garden. By separating your veggies from the lawn through height, mulching and keeping a manageable garden size, weeds can be easily eradicated (especially when you can access them via all angles of a cleverly designed APT garden bed), which means less time spent weeding and more time spent on more exciting outdoor pursuits. Did you know that bird droppings also spread weeds through the garden? Our specially designed canopies keep the birds out of your prized radishes and minimise weed spread from above.

Effective Pest Control.

A raised garden bed slows down creepy crawlies and keeps unwanted flying insects, wild animals, the neighbour’s cat, and your own lovable but pesky pets out of your veggie patch with ease. The protective canopy – opens like a dream with optional gas struts and is hardy enough to keep Peter Rabbit and friends out.

Safe From the Elements.

Watch your vegetables thrive under our protection. Your plant babies will be shielded from heavy downpours, strong winds and biting frosts with our robust framing and large, waterproof canopy. Yes, your plants need sun, oxygen and water to survive, but a gale-force wind, torrential rain and a fierce winter’s frost, they do not.

All of the above add up to total control of your garden environment, ensuring even the most beginner of beginners has the best chance of a productive garden with a healthy crop of delicious, nutritious fresh vegetables year-round. Chat to us today for more information about our New Zealand-made raised garden bed kit sets. Made by hardy hands with New Zealand wood and delivered nationwide.

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